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A couple of rail profiles side by side

We supply most rail sections from 7 kg/m – 60 kg/m

Rail Sections

We can supply most Rail Sections from 7 kg/m up to 60 kg/m. We cover a range of standards including BS, ASTM and DIN. These sections are suitable for many industrial applications such as Heavy rail, Grooved rail, Crane rail, Industrial light rail, and Miniature and Heritage rail.

Storage of rail sections
Rail sections are chosen to suit the specific requirements of any particular project depending on axle-load, traffic frequency, speed, duty, rail height required or existing track.
British Standard European Sections JIS / GB Sections American Sections
35M S7 9 kg 20 lb
35R S10 12 kg 30 lb
50 O S18 12 kg 40 lb
60A S20 15 kg 45 lb
75R S24 22 kg 60 lb
80A S30 30 kg  

Rail sections in stock

Most steel manufacturing countries have produced sections to their own standards, which means there are a huge variety of rail shapes and sizes that customers can use. We can provide most of these rail sections, depending on quantity. However, industrial railways mostly standardise on a few universal sections and we therefore commonly stock the above rail sections.


Rails can be provided in lengths to suit the project from 6m up to 18m. Our rail in stock is generally in lengths of 20 ,30 or 40 ft. We can also provide technical specifications, with some examples below.

Various rail section standards


Rails are made to different standards. Choosing a standard depends on what the rail is being used for, but generally the higher the standard the more costly the rail. We can supply a complete range of international rail and crane rail sections in sizes from 6Kg/m up to 150Kg/m.

Complete Track

We are able to assist with both route design, track design, and turnouts.

Route Design

  • Gradient design
  • Curve design
  • Design for height and width of tunnels
  • Design of loading gauge wheelbase

Track Design

  • Axle load design
  • Rail weight design
  • Sleeper spacing design
  • Sleeper design
  • Choice of fastening
  • Track bed design
  • Drainage design
  • Electrification design
  • Switch Design

International Rail and Crane Rail

We can supply a complete range of international rail and crane rail sections in sizes from 6Kg/m up to 150Kg/m. These include:

Heavy Rail

Used in main line and industrial heavy haul tracks. Transportation of minerals in large annual quantities, often in isolated sparsely populated regions, demands rails of the highest quality to withstand aggressive track conditions. Heavy rails have high wear resistance sometimes enhanced by the utilisation of specialised chemistries or heat treatment. We can offer a wide range of rail sections and qualities to suit customer’s applications.


  • Grooved Rails—used extensively in urban transport networks for the in street running of trams.
  • Crane Rails—we offer a full range for dockside and industrial applications. We offer these to internationally recognised standards.
  • Industrial Light Rails—used in the Mining, Plantation, & Tunnelling sectors.
  • Heritage and Minature Rails—associated with the leisure industry.