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Various Elastic Rail Clips

Cost effective range of elastic rail clips style clips

Elastic Rail Clips

Universally accepted in the railway industry, elastic rail clips provide high-performance clamping of the rail coupled with ease of installation. The world market place has been increasingly dominated by the advent of elastic rail fasteners. We keep some elastic rail clips in stock.

Rail cutting at gb rail
Strict dimensional control as well as the use of high quality spring steels ensure that the elastic fastenings supplied by GB Rail are within specified ranges aimed at meeting customer requirements.
British Standard European Sections JIS / GB Sections American Sections
35M S7 9 kg 20 lb
35R S10 12 kg 30 lb
50 O S18 12 kg 40 lb
60A S20 15 kg 45 lb
75R S24 22 kg 60 lb
80A S30 30 kg  

High Toe Load Elastic Rail Clips

Various proprietary systems have been developed over the years to meet the increasing demands of modern high-speed railways. We have linked up with reputable manufacturers to offer a cost-effective range of elastic rail clips to suit many rail sections and applications.

Elastic Rail Clips in Stock

Elastic rail clips to suit certain UK rail and sleeper combinations are held in stock. We can provide technical specifications for rail clips we supply, with some examples below which you can download. We have a complete set of technical drawings which we can supply to our customers.



S30 technical drawing


S29 technical drawing


S28 technical drawing


We have extensive experience in the rail industry and a high level of expertise in this specialised field. If you would like a quotation please contact us and we will do our best to offer good advice and practical solutions.