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Various European Section rail profiles

UK Light Rail / Accessories Specialists


We specialise in light rail and accessories. Based in the UK, we supply from premium European sources as well as international sources for the budget-conscious. Our parent company Holdtrade also provides Railway or Railroad equipment and locomotives for larger-scale projects.

Tony holding a large piece of industrial rail while its cut
We have extensive experience in the rail industry, a reputation for customer service, and a high level of expertise in this specialised field. Our parent company, Holdtrade UK, has a long history of supplying rail to organisations worldwide.
British Standard European Sections JIS / GB Sections American Sections
35M S7 9 kg 20 lb
35R S10 12 kg 30 lb
50 O S18 12 kg 40 lb
60A S20 15 kg 45 lb
75R S24 22 kg 60 lb
80A S30 30 kg  

Light rail and accessories

We can provide rail sections from 7kg/m to 40kg/m together with all the necessary fastenings, fishplates, fishbolts, base plates, clips, clip bolts, timber sleepers, dogspikes, and coachscrews / tirefonds. We also supply special rail sections including 35M, 50O, 60A, 80A and bullhead.

Trusted by leaders

We've been involved in huge projects like Crossrail and Thames Tideways, and we've worked with local councils like Brighton & Hove, through to small hobby or heritage railways. Additionally, we offer services from Specification Compliance through to Reporting, Tracing and Marking. Our materials can be used over a wide range of industries for both permanent and temporary applications.

Various rail section standards

Clients we've worked with

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List of our clients
  • Romney
  • Brighton Railway
Warehouse stock
Whether you are looking for a few hundred fishbolts or a complete railway, in such a specialised market we value the specific and diverse needs of our customers.