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Weld on Shoulder

Weld-on types: elastic clips: 30lb – 113lb rail sections

Weld on Shoulders

Designed for use with elastic rail clips, the weld on shoulder fastening allows customers to fabricate rail retaining units on both steel sleepers and steel baseplates. Their ability to be welded in the specific position as dictated by the layout design is particularly useful.

Length of rail
The shoulders can also be welded on to longer length steel sleeper sections or bearers for use in the fabrication of switch and crossing layouts where vertical rail geometry is employed.
Shoulder / Clip Rail Section Weight
PR85 14 kg/m – 18 kg/m
E1609 18 kg/m – 40 kg/m
E1809 40 kg/m – 56 kg/m
PR401A 40 kg/m – 56 kg/m

Clip Toe Loading and Integrity

The shoulder accessories are supplied for specific rail sections with design criteria which ensure that the correct elastic clip toe loading is achieved. Certain shoulders are supplied with milled weld area faces to assist in achieving the necessary weld integrity.

Elastic Style Clips

We can offer Weld-on type shoulders to suit elastic style clips for rail types ranging from 30lb/yd up to 113lb/yd. If you would like a quotation or more information please contact us.

Various weld on shoulders


S30 technical drawing


S29 technical drawing


S28 technical drawing


We have extensive experience in the rail industry and a high level of expertise in this specialised field. If you would like a quotation please contact us and we will do our best to offer good advice and practical solutions.